LRM_EXPORT_20170415_222003Grace Barron-Martinez is a Jersey girl  gone South, building her life with her husband and partner Mike, in Asheville, NC.  She believes in equality and fairness for all humans and the power of the human voice in making change.  Art continues to be a medium for social impact. She expresses her worldview through her creative writing, opinion articles, and through photography.  She dreams to one day to find a practical way to harness her multipotentiality.  Her heroes include Andy Rooney, Terry Gross, Triumph the Comic Insult Dog, and her mom.  In her free time, she loves listening to podcasts, seeing live music (especially her talented husband’s), meeting new people, having conversations on her front porch, and cooking delicious food with real ingredients! She does not enjoy writing about herself in the third person.



Photo Credit: Mike Martinez