Sometimes she would sit and stare

at his chest as it rose and fell

as he slept

it soothed her and made him feel more real

but it couldn’t be

real, I mean

not in a world like this

like the ones all of you told me about

that I read the statistics on

and that the movies showed me

as unapologetic fantasy

as all of this swirls around in my unruly mind

I come back to your breath

to your strong, warm chest

I close my eyes to listen closer

I will wrap this moment up in box

and tie it up with the kind of bows

I’ve never been fancy enough to tie

but I have the power to do it since this is mind

I will keep it safe

I will store every sensation

your skin against mine

the cortisol spewing through my veins

the rhythm of our hearts

when they play together

the sounds of the outside world going mute

as I focus only on you

this is a love

my love

my love

my love

that I can never lose