I would like to apologize for the clickbait, but if it got you here, you’re exactly the person I want to be talking to. Plus, I do reveal the true secret. I promise!

Scrolling through my newsfeed, I notice that a large percentage of my sponsored ads are for weight loss products and services. I don’t know why Facebook thinks that I think I’m fat. I can only assume that they think EVERY woman thinks she’s fat. Fuck that!

Stop thinking you’re fat. Right now. And stop worrying you’re fat. And calling yourself fat to other people (Amy Schumer, this includes you!). First of all, “fat” is a mentality, not a body type. Fat is a personality. A man once told me that he never notices a woman’s “flaws” until SHE points them out to him.

Confidence is sexy. YOU are sexy. Even if you’re not there yet on the inside, fake it til you make it, sisters. Every time you take a bite of this line of bullshit that is fed to women every day, you’re giving your energy and time and often money to a system that relies on making women feel constantly terrible about themselves for profit.  You deserve better than that.

Unfortunately, you will surely look in the mirror at least now and again and see something you’re not 100% happy with when it comes to your body. When that happens to me, I:

  • Say a silent or sometimes out loud “Fuck You” to all the systems in place that have taught me feel this way to begin with
  • Tell myself one thing I like about myself, out loud, for each negative thought I have in my head

If you’re interested in having a happier, healthier body, the first thing you need to do is to stop stressing about your weight. I know this is easier said than done, but the above tips will help.
I will tell you what won’t work: crazy diets involving an egg cooked in an avocado, eating only grapefruit for weeks, sipping some lemon acai cocktail, taking the secret skinny pill all the stars are raving about, binding yourself in those stupid fucking wraps and any and all bullshit Facebook is flashing in your face every five minutes.
What I have found does work:
Eat food that you cook yourself without a bunch of fake ass ingredients. This can even include cookies. Just don’t go too nuts about. Okay, go a little nuts about it. Forgive yourself. Those cookies were delicious! Move forward.
Go to the gym or go outside! I used to hate exercise but then I found out I was just trying the wrong kind of exercise for me. I would rather tweeze my legs one hair at time than go for a jog. For some, that is their savior but it just isn’t my cup of tea. I’m a pilates and (I hate to admit this) dance fitness person. I love music.  Dancing poorly to it helps me forget I’m exercising. Pilates is wonderfully relaxing to me and builds strength, which I think a lot of women forget to do, focusing almost entirely on cardio. Your muscles burn fat for you while you’re just sitting on your ass.  Exercise is also giving your body free drugs! You’re about to be super high on yourself. Now get out there!
Also remember that when old people tell you patience is a virtue, they’re right. You will not lose 10 lbs in 10 days. If that happens,  consult a physician immediately because you may have a deadly tapeworm. DO NOT BUY TAPEWORMS ON THE INTERNET. THEY WILL KILL YOU.  Focus on feeling better and being proud of yourself.
Please, ladies, give yourself the respect you deserve, even if Facebook does no such thing.
Believe in yourself. Thank your body for all it does for you every single day. Make it stronger. Make your mind stronger against the constant barrage of body hate.

Fight this system. If you agree, share this with the hashtag #FuckFatAds. Tell Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook’s marketing team that using ad algorithms that assume every woman wants to be thinner perpetuates the problem!